Last Day of Remote Afterschool :-(

Feeling more than a bit emotional as I write this last post. You already know that I love my afterschool classes so much, but this post is about thanking you for your partnership in all this. Thank you.

I have really appreciated the time I have spent with your children these past 10 weeks. In fact, I don’t think I could have endured these trying times without them. Seems like I am often exhausted and tired when 3 o’clock rolls around, but by 3:40, I am back to my old self, and by 5:15, I am renewed and joyful. Actually, not sure I will fare next week.

It has been quite an adventure to figure out how to keep things going after the move from our incredibly beautiful and well-stocked STEM and Creative Arts Studio to my small window desk in Lakeview, but with your help, we managed. I am immensely grateful for all of your efforts to keep these classes going. Thank you.

It has been an honor to work with you and your children.


Remote Afterschool Week of May 11, 2020

What a great week! We have enjoyed some really engaging online sessions together, and I even got a chance to help the kids a bit with navigating Seesaw. You probably know already that I have Seesaw Afterschool class for the students who I am seeing regularly this session. Class pages have all been updated.

Crack the Code – RoboGarden Hour of Code 
Tech Explorers MON – Advanced levels of KidBot
WeDo Robotics – Robots in Space, RoboGarden
3D Printing – Designing with Tinkercad Code Blocks
Animation Station – Tynker
Keyboarding – Typetastic, Typing Club
Tech Explorers FRI – Code Combat in Python, National Geographic  Robot Challenges (Student certificates shared through Seesaw)




Remote Afterschool Week of May 4, 2020

OK, it looks like I didn’t post last Friday. Luckily, I did update all of the class pages, so you can check there.

This week:
Crack the Code — Kodable’s Beach Clean-Up
Tech Explorers MON — Kid Bot
WeDo Robotics — Beach Clean-Up, advanced level
3D Printing — Tynker Dance Party

Animation Station — Coding Spirals
Keyboarding — using Seesaw
Tech Explorers FRI — Code Combat in Python!




Remote Afterschool Week of 4.20.20

Wow! Our online sessions have been so much fun. Students are really building their tech skills, and I love that we can have these online connections. Pages for each class have been updated with links.

A big THANK YOU for helping me make this work. Please reach out if you need anything.     ~ Janeen

Crack the Code MON – Coding a Dance Party
Tech Explorers MON – Fish Force
WeDo Robotics TUES – Weather Robots
3D Printing and Design TUES – Design a Snowflake
Animation Station THUR – Creating an Animation with Code
Keyboarding THUR – Typing Club, Typetastic
Tech Explorers FRI – Fish Force




Remote Afterschool Week of 4.13.20

Ok, It has been an absolutely incredible week, and I am so proud of how our students are connecting, and adapting to these strange times. Let me know if you need anything.

I am trying to keep to one post a week, so pages for each afterschool class have been updated with details, videos, links to activities, downloads, and the join link for the online meeting. Find them in the top menu.

  • Crack the Code MON – How Games are Made, Use Conditional Statements to modify your Asteroid Game
  • Tech Exploers MON – Compound Machines, Forces
  • WeDo Robotics  TUES – AI for Oceans, 10 Amazing Robotic Sea Creatures
  • 3D Printing and Design TUES – Design a Coat / Backpack Hook
  • Animation Station THURS – Art That Moves part 2, Drawing with Letters and Numbers, HOW TO upload your files to the Animation Gallery
  • Keyboarding THURS – Dance Mat Typing, Typing Club, Typetastic!
  • Tech Explorers FRI – Create Your Own Padlet