9-12 Computers Update

Weeks 1 & 2 were super busy, but thanks to our great IT team and awesome students, we got off to a great start!

All students reviewed our Digital Rights and Responsibilities agreement ,watched this video, and participated in a discussion about their understanding of Computer Science.

4th graders started Mavis Beacon. You can find keyboarding excercises and other keyboarding resources in the menu above. If you are wondering what 4th graders will be doing this school year, check out this graphic.5th graders reviewed their working knowledge of Pages

6th graders got their Google Drive accounts

Summer Coding Day 5

The game design process is very similar to the iterative engineering process – IMAGINE, CREATE, IMPROVE. Our video features a game created by a 2nd grader, an app developed by a 3rd grader, and some students working with Ozobots, robots programmed with light. It has been wonderful to work with your children this week. Thank you.

NNM Coding Day 4

Today’s video features students engaged in Robot Challenges!

Of course, robotics is just one element of computer science, as is coding. At its core, computer science is the study of how to use logical thinking to identify, simplify and solve complex problems. Young students can learn complex computer science concepts, especially when artificial barriers like programming syntax are out of the way.

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