CS Ed Week

Well, it’s probably no surprise that CS Ed Week was absolutlely amazing! Our video features students building, coding and exploring virtual reality.

Of course, students have been keyboarding, making collages, finishing animations for their class performance, writing reports, and doing a lot of storyboarding, as well.
Check out our updated Hour of Code page to see more videos, including 9-12 students coding with Dash robots, and 7th graders programming BBC Micro:Bits!

Week 12 in the Lab!

Session II has begun, and to celebrate, this post contains two videos!!

First, you can see some 4th graders learning to code. This activity is Code.org’s Dance Party!  Join us for an Hour of Code next week!

Our second video features WeDo robotics students, some 4th graders learning to design a theater program, Tech Explorers building droids, 7th graders learning how to build and program buttons and sensors. and 4th graders exploring StoryboardThat.

Animation Wrap Up

Videos include projects from Animation Station and  from Tech Explorers.

ALL student animations are self directed and independently produced, and often include materials that they have brought from their homes, especially Lego characters. Some students did not want their work published. Also, please note that apparently, one’s passion for creativity far outweighs the importance of focusng the camera. 😉

This compilation features work by Sophie, Jane, Cailin, Egan, Alan and Caidan.

Next, an independent work by Georgia, a first grader.

Next up, Franklin and Gus, also first years.

Finally, a project produced by Tech Explorers Phineas and Eleanor.

Kindness Week in the NNM Lab

November 13, 2018, is World Kindness Day!! 

You may have forgotten to put it on your calendar, but kindness goes hand in hand with digital citizenship, so here in the lab, we teched it up. 

4th graders did an activity call Freeze!, where they acted out short skits to help them discern fact from opinion, and think about how a fact could be expressed in a kinder fashion. In our first video, you can see them practicing saying kind things to one another, then teched it up by filming them acting out their own skits! 

5th graders learned about how the Golden Rule appears in many cultures and religions, then teched it up by filming them doing a reading.

6th graders began the World’s Largest Lesson, which introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and unites them in action. I teched it up by giving them ther first assignment on Google Classroom – Be a Goal Keeper, where they used an online app to create a personal Goalkeeper self image.


Week 9 in the NNM Lab

This week, we are featuring two videos! The first, Our Robot, is an independent project done by 3rd graders Samaya and Olivia in Tuesday Afterschool WeDo Robotics.

Our second video features students completing robot challenges with Dash, learning to code at code.org, and Eliza playing a game that she designed herself.

Some 6th graders got started with Google Classrom this week, and began working a project to identify the qualities that may be needed to reach our global goals. Some 5th graders coded a Tynker game on iPads called Spooky Brew.