Week 37 – Independence

Though a particular afterschool class may have a general focus, like robotics, keyboarding or animation, children are often inspired to move in other creative directions, which I wholeheartedly encourage and support. This post’s video features a Scratch Jr. project conceived and independently produced by 6-9 students.

Week 36 – Tynker Coding

Students usually use iPads to code with Tynker, but this week, as you will see in our video,  I expermented with Tynker online on my laptop. I have been developing some STEM projects, and I thought it would be a good idea to get the students in on the action. They gave me some good feedback on the Greek Mythology Quiz, and helped me to improve the Arcade game by redrawing the actors, and by adding sounds and actions. So much fun!!!

Week 36 – What Will You Design?

Over the past few weeks, students have been introduced to robots that assist the elderly, helper hospital robots, drones used for reforestation, robots seeking out invasive species in coral reefs, robotic arms, robots for mobility, and robots helping produce and dairy farmers. Today, a first grader decided to create a robot of his own.

Week 35!!

It has been a busy week in the lab. On Wednesday, NNM parent Joseph Adamik gave a presentation to our Technology Explorers, in conjunction with a Farmessori project for Arts Week. Gabo caught a lot of the lesson on video! Our second video features Animation Station and Keyboarding students engaged in STEM explorations.

Terrific Thursday Videos

This post features two terrific videos. The first features animation projects by Ali, independently produced in Animation Station. The 2nd video was shot by Arthur, who was inspired by a student working with magnets after Keyboarding.

Every child has an inner teacher driving him in his development, picking from the environment those activities that allow him to grow. When the environment is rich is these motives of activity and the child is lovingly introduced to them and allowed to move freely to select what he needs, you see a transformation that leads to joy. – Mary Ellen Maunz