Week 32

Students have been busy since Spring Break, and it appears I forgot to post last week, but here’s what has been going on. Some young afterschool coders got their Scratch accounts, Lucas 3D printed and assembled his Glowing Penguin Circuit, and Kate finished her robotic cat. During school day technology sessions, students created makey makey game controllers, learned about acrostic poems, wrote apps and tested them on my iPhone, programmed a Tynker game with some very interesting remixes, learned how to sketch with Dash robots, and created a robot hockey rink, complete with penalty boxes.

Week 30

Of course, the students got right back to work after the break, so this post contains two exciting videos. The first was independently produced by Mila in Tuesday Robotics, and the second features glimpses of other activities this week. 9-12 students learned how to program a Treasure Hunt game in Tynker, write apps using BitsBox, and played Kahoot. (please excuse typo in video)

Week 28

The Lab @ NNM has been super all week.This post features Colette’s first independently produced animations, as well as photos from Lego Robotics, 4th graders investigating 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class levers, and their documents about Polygons. 5th graders learned how to make pie graphs, and 6th graders started working with Lego Boost. Have a great break!

Week 27

By this time of year, students have been introduced to lots of software, so they often have an idea of what they want to do when they come into the lab. It’s not only a good opportunity for me to assess their skills and interests, student choice is central to our pedagogy. Our first video features a technology session wrap up, where 4th graders shared their choice of work (pardon the typo on the opening). Our second video shows robotics students working during the first week of Afterschool Session III. Video #3 features a 6th grade class working with Lego Boost.

Week 26

Looks like I went home on Friday without posting, so here it is. I am sure you will enjoy the 4th and 5th student videos from this week. The students had a lot of fun learning how to use iMovie, and there is no better way to get a glimpse of NNM than through the eyes of a child. Throughout the week, students also worked on their storyboards and thier coding puzzles.