Keyboarding Resources

Integrate keyboarding into your daily routine

  • Set aside a regular time for keyboarding (ideally 15 to 30 minutes/day for five to six weeks), THEN:
  • USE these techniques while in front of any computer
  • Have your child type their social studies or reading assignment or spelling words for the week
  • Include a five minute “warm-up” using a keyboarding game before “getting down to keying in a paper”
  • Have your child compose A to Z lists (ie. Animals, girls names, etc.)



Mavis Beacon:
Rapid Typing:
Typing Instructor:


Online Tutorials and Games

Touch Typing  (has ads)

Power Typing

Typing Tutor

Good Typing (sign up with email, cannot skip levels)

Typing Web (advanced levels, ads, $remove ads)

Peter Online Typing Course


Typing Online

Typing Test

Typing Bubbles

Cup Stacking TypingDance Mat Typing

Feed the Frogs

Fleet Commander


Space Invaders

Ten Fast Finger

Crazy Monkey (shooting game)