Week 18 in the Lab

This short week was quite busy, which is the perfect way to start out another year of creating, learning, and exploring. Our video features students in Tuesday and Friday WeDo Robotics, an animation by Sophie H., and a glimpse into a 6th VR grade lesson.

Week 14 in the Lab

This week’s video includes students in Monday’s Crack the Code Afterschool class, 4th graders from Molly’s class working together to complete a Dash robot challenge, an amazing video independently produced by 1st graders Calin, Audrey and Roy, during Animation Station Afterschool class, and a student animation created by Kate, a 6th grader, for Trish’s class performance. 

CS Ed Week

Well, it’s probably no surprise that CS Ed Week was absolutlely amazing! Our video features students building, coding and exploring virtual reality.

Of course, students have been keyboarding, making collages, finishing animations for their class performance, writing reports, and doing a lot of storyboarding, as well.
Check out our updated Hour of Code page to see more videos, including 9-12 students coding with Dash robots, and 7th graders programming BBC Micro:Bits!

Week 12 in the Lab!

Session II has begun, and to celebrate, this post contains two videos!!

First, you can see some 4th graders learning to code. This activity is Code.org’s Dance Party!  Join us for an Hour of Code next week!

Our second video features WeDo robotics students, some 4th graders learning to design a theater program, Tech Explorers building droids, 7th graders learning how to build and program buttons and sensors. and 4th graders exploring StoryboardThat.