Week 10

Elementary students have been learning how to use Google Slides to create a shared presentation. Tis the season to focus on Thanksgiving, and so we did. Here is just one example.

Session 1 afterschool activities have been super busy. so busy that I did not get a lot of video, just a bit from Robotics and Technology Explorers.

To0k some students on a tour of our new space!!

Week 9 in the Lab!!

I cannot believe that we are this far into the school year. So much excellent work is getting done in the Tech Lab here at NNM, so I tried to catch a glimpse of each day this week.

Monday – Tejas working on coding with an Ozobot and Jonah’s very first interactive story programmed using CodeSpark

Tuesday – Sophia and Keeva making a video of their WeDo 1.0 robot, then Aria and Evan racing their WeDo 2.0 robots

Wednesday – Incredible artwork programmed by students in 9-12 using Tynker

Thursday – 7th grade CS robotics students woring with Cue robots

Friday – Sophie working on a 3D design in Tinkercad. Kalia and Walker working with Cubelets, and Reyna learning how to drive a Dash robot

Week 8 in the Lab

Animation is not necessarily focused on facilitating comprehension of any academic subject matter itself, but is almost always interactive, creative, fun and motivational. Students are fascinated by animation and embrace opportunity to create their own.

Programming a robot to navigate a maze is one of our favorite engineering challenges. Students can link their thinking to real world scenarios like controlling the Mars Rover on another planet, or navigating through a disaster zone to rescue victims. This week’s maze challenge does not incorporate robot sensors, so the student focus was on speed, direction, and motion.

This week’s video features an animation by Grace, 3D prints designed by Amelia and Eliza, and a video of The One and Only EV3.

Week 7 in the STEM Lab

Our video features students from Technology Explorers and Robotics, plus a special Halloween message created by students in Bits & Bytes using paper circuits. In the afternoons, upper elementary students have been working on creating graphs in Google Sheets.

Week 6 in the Lab

Sorry, no video, but it sure was an exciting week!

During Crack the Code on Monday, once the students started working with robots, there was no turning back! So much fun watching them investigate Sphero, Ollie, and Dash robots.

Our Keva blocks inspired Max to build a high rise zoo!!

This week is Digital Citizenship Week, so the focus for some groups was cyberbullying and hate speech. Children talked about the what it means to be a good digital citizen. Some drew comics and other created Upstander Cards that could be given to a target, a bully or a bystander in a bullying situation.

And, of course, our 3D printer was rarely idle!