Week 24

This week was all about graphing. 4th graders are learning how to keep track of data using Numbers spreadsheets for the first time. This is quite a jump from the survey tallies that they did in 6-9. 5th graders continue to use Numbers for charts and graphs, but 6th graders use Google Sheets. One 6th grade group graphed the reliability of a robot launcher!

Week 23

In our video, you will see an awesome animation made by Jackson H., and 4th graders programming Dash robots to sketch. In our slide show, you will see student work focused on concepts of kindness. 6th graders created a Kindess PSA while learning Google Drawing, while 4th and 5th graders drew on their expertise with Pages.

Week 22

This week’s video, featuring Tuesday Afterschool WeDo Robotics, is at the end of this post.

During the week, some 4th and 5th grade students learned about Chinese history and inventions while creating a fun, interactive project using Tynker.

Other 4th graders participated in an internet scavenger hunt to find out the Reasons for the Seasons.

6th grade students are learning how to use Google Sheets.

Two groups of students asked to learn how to create a quiz game in Scratch for their upcoming Science Festival!

Tuesday WeDo Robotics Video!!

Week 20 in the NNM Lab

What an incredible week!! Our video features an amazing animation independently produced by Phineas and Eleanor, Olive’s slideshow of 7th graders working during Junior High CS Robotics Studio, and some footage of Tuesday Afterschool WeDo Robotics. In other news, 9-12 students worked on StoryBoardThat, Eleanor used Tinkercad to design a special button for her brother, and the building of the Piper Computers has begun!!

Storyboard by Jane S.
Designed by Eleanor using Tinkercad
Caidan and Henry building a computer from scratch!

Week 19 in the Lab

Our video will give you a glimpse of what actually goes on during Animation Station. Remember, we are all about process, not product. The bulk of the learning comes from planning, designing, building, redesigning, and rebuilding.

9-12 MAP Assessments all week, so no technology lessons, and no math classes.