6th Grade Math

Groups meet 11:30-12:25 in the STEM Studio on M/W or T/Th, plus alternate Fridays. Contact Janeen: jcohen@nnms.org

Math Minutes are sets of 10 problems  that help students to solve problems effortlessly and rapidly. We usually do them at the start of every class. They are scored, and we  discuss any approach a student takes to get an answer.  New skills are addressed as the year unfolds, but each Minute includes one of each type of problem.

  1. computation
  2. number sense
  3. reading graphs
  4. problem solving
  5. patterns and sequences
  6. data analysis and probability
  7. spatial reasoning
  8. fractions
  9. algebra and functions
  10. geometry

Formula for the Area of a Triangle
Bases and Heights of Triangles

Nets and Surface Area
Integers Review
Systems of Equations MashUp
Decimal Operations Review
Unit Assessment



Tiling the Plane
Composing Shapes
Understanding Area
Area of Compound Shapes
Area of Parallelograms
Area of Triangles
Graphing in 4 Quadrants