8th Grade Math


Classes meet MON, TUES, FRI
or MON, THURS, FRI in the STEM Studio

2 Homework Assignments per Week (starting in October)

  • Problem Based Curriculum authored by Illustrative Mathematics
    • Rigid Tranformations and Congruence
    • Dilations, Similarity, Slope
    • Liner Relationships
    • Linear Equatiions and Linear Systems
    • Functions and Volume
    • Categorical Data
    • Exponents and Scientific Notation
    • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Collaboartive Math Tasks
  • Geometric Drawing
  • Math Minutes



Dilations on a Circular Grid, Dilations Without a Grid, Dilations on a Square Grid, Week 11 Quiz, Similar Polygons, Similar Triangles. Side Length Quoitients, Thanksgiving Break, Finding Slope, Graphing Lines, Equations for Lines, Quiz

Operations with Integers

Wheel of Theodorus, Drawing a Perpendicular, Reflecting a Point, Plotting Segments, Rotating Around a Point, Equations Card Game, Mid-Unit Assessment, Area and Perimeter Review, Congruent Polygons, Using a Protractor, Properties of Opposite Angles, Supplementary and Complimentary Angles, Measuring Angles, Angles in a Triangle, Circles, Using a Compass, Final Unit Assessment. 

Exponents and Scientific Notation


Curved Line Stitching, Bird’s Eye City, What’s for Lunch?, How Many 7’s?, Rigid Tranformations (translations, reflections, rotations), Canoe Trips