8th Grade Math


Classes meet MON, TUES, FRI
or MON, THURS, FRI in the STEM Studio

2 Homework Assignments per Week (starting in October)

  • Problem Based Curriculum authored by Illustrative Mathematics
    • Rigid Tranformations and Congruence
    • Dilations, Similarity, Slope
    • Liner Relationships
    • Linear Equatiions and Linear Systems
    • Functions and Volume
    • Categorical Data
    • Exponents and Scientific Notation
    • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Collaboartive Math Tasks
  • Geometric Drawing
  • Math Minutes



February / March
Translations Review, One and Two Step Equations, Balancing Equations, How Many Solutions?, Systems of Equations, Introduction to Functions
Review [Rate of Change, Finding Equations for Lines, Slope-Intercept Form], Understanding Equality, Puzzles Problems, Solving Linear Equations

iiiinteger operatons, powers, absolute value

Slope, Finding Equations for Lines, Final Unit Assessment, Proportional Relationships, Graphing Proportional Relationships,  Representing Linear Relationships, Angle Review
Absolute Value





Dilations on a Circular Grid, Dilations Without a Grid, Dilations on a Square Grid, Week 11 Quiz, Similar Polygons, Similar Triangles. Side Length Quoitients, Thanksgiving Break, Finding Slope, Graphing Lines,  Quiz
Operations with Integers

Wheel of Theodorus, Drawing a Perpendicular, Reflecting a Point, Plotting Segments, Rotating Around a Point, Equations Card Game, Mid-Unit Assessment, Area and Perimeter Review, Congruent Polygons, Using a Protractor, Properties of Opposite Angles, Supplementary and Complimentary Angles, Measuring Angles, Angles in a Triangle, Circles, Using a Compass, Final Unit Assessment. 

Exponents and Scientific Notation


Curved Line Stitching, Bird’s Eye City, What’s for Lunch?, How Many 7’s?, Rigid Tranformations (translations, reflections, rotations), Canoe Trips