After School Tech Classes in Full Swing!!

Not like me to wait until week 3 to post, but the Session 1 Afterschool classes in the technology lab have gotten off to an incredible start!

On Mondays, the students in Crack the Code have started off with Kodable, which is perfect for emerging readers. They start with sequencing, then move on to other coding concepts like conditions and loops.



Animation Station meets on Thursdays. Students are quite self-directed, and they are working in small groups on a variety of projects. It’s very exciting to watch the students with some experience help out students who are working with cameras, laptops and software for the first time. I hope you enjoy Omar’s project!


Keyboarding meets on Tuesdays. New students start out with Dance Mat Typing, then move on to Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.


We have a new 9-12 class on Fridays called Bits & Bytes. Teams of students have started building self-driving vehicles. These engineers are having a lot of fun exploring circuits and electronics.



Stay tuned, as I will be posting pictures from Tuesday and Friday WeDo Robotics soon!