Remote Afterschool – 3.31.20

I was able to connect with some students on Monday and Tuesday during our regular class times, and I will also be available Thursday and Friday. Use your calendar invite. I have also started pages (in progress) for each of my afterschool classes, so information can be easily accessed using the top nav bar. Please let me know if you need help in any way.  ~ J

MON – Crack the Code

  • Sequences
  • Conditions
  • Play Fuzz Family Faceoff
  • Blockly Games

TUES – WeDo Robotics

Read Aloud – Helper Robots, Nancy Furstinger

Design a Robot


TUES – 3D Printing and Design

Tangram Design Challenge

CS Ed Week

Well, it’s probably no surprise that CS Ed Week was absolutlely amazing! Our video features students building, coding and exploring virtual reality.

Of course, students have been keyboarding, making collages, finishing animations for their class performance, writing reports, and doing a lot of storyboarding, as well.
Check out our updated Hour of Code page to see more videos, including 9-12 students coding with Dash robots, and 7th graders programming BBC Micro:Bits!

Week 12 in the Lab!

Session II has begun, and to celebrate, this post contains two videos!!

First, you can see some 4th graders learning to code. This activity is’s Dance Party!  Join us for an Hour of Code next week!

Our second video features WeDo robotics students, some 4th graders learning to design a theater program, Tech Explorers building droids, 7th graders learning how to build and program buttons and sensors. and 4th graders exploring StoryboardThat.

Week 7 in Lab

Since this post’s video was aready 3 minutes, and I wanted to post before the Halloween Party, there are some things that you will not see, like 6th graders coding their own apps with Bitsbox, and 4th graders learning about the Rings of Responsibility for online and offline citizenship. What you will see is nothing short of amazing. Happy Halloween!!

Week 5 in the NNM Lab

This week was all about MAP assessments during the day, but some pretty exciting stuff happened in the lab after school. Our video starts out showing a castle being 3D printed on our Lulzbot Mini, designed in Tinkercad by a 4th grader in 3D Printing and Design. Next up, Technology Explorers worked with Ozobots, and programmed color codes to play a Halloween Game. Finally, you will see video independently produced by Robotics students.