Summer Mad Science Day 3

Today was Earth Day! We hope you enjoy the photos of us working.

In the morning, we talked about the Earth,  did some Rock Sorting. We learned that rocks contain minerals, and that  geologists sort rocks and minerals by their properties.



After snack, we learned about kinds of rocks, volcanoes, and we made a Sediment Settler
using gravel, coarse sand, fine sand and loam.



After lunch, we went to the Playscape.


In the afternoon, we worked in teams to make Volcano Models.


Summer Mad Science Day 2

Today was animal day! Hope you enjoy the pictures and our movie!

In the morning, we shared some information about Dinosaurs , played the Dinosaur Matching Game and made a T-Rex to take home. We also made a movie!!


After snack, we shared some information about Food Webs and made a Food Chain to take home.


After lunch and some time playing on the roof top, we Dissected Owl Pellets.


The Movie!!

Freezing Point Depression

Hope the title didn’t blow your mind, because it’s just the simple principle behind making your own ice cream!

  • The ice (in the large Zip-lock bag)  absorbs energy when it melts. 
  • The energy comes from whatever it is touching  around it (the air and the small Zip-lock bag filled with milk*, sugar and vanilla).
  • When salt is added, it lowers the freezing point of the ice, so even more energy has to be absorbed in order for it to melt.
  • This makes the ice even colder than it was before, so the mixture freezes quickly.
  • Watch out for brain freeze!!!

*Students with allergies used soymik.


Chicago ICE

I will be attending the International Conference on Education next Thursday and Friday, May 22-23, but my afterschool classes will still be in session. Ileana and Molly have arranged for skilled NNMS staff to oversee these sessions.

~ Janeen