Week 31 Update

The lab has been so busy this week, that I did not get a lot of pictures, but wanted to share what has been going on. 4th graders have been doing keyboarding drills, and learning how to use text boxes to label parts of a diagram. They also continue to do coding exercises.

One group of 5th graders worked on programming projects in Scratch, but another group learned about pixel resolution, learned to use graphic filters and other tools to modify graphics.

6th graders from Trish’s class are learning to code in Python using codehs.com.


March Madness

Happy to report that the students are really pushing their creativity to the limit by this time of year. One class has been focusing on binary numbers, and I showed them a little binary number card trick, which you can see in this week’s video. 6th graders are still working on G-suite apps. Some 5th graders worked on creating animations with SketchBook Pro, and still others made bookmarks. 4th graders continue in the passionate pursuit of becoming quick keyboardists and Pages experts. We are also continuing in our series of lessons on digital citizenship.

Did you know that Digital Citizenship lessons and learning pathways from BrainPOP all all free? Create a teacher account, or see me for login info.


December Update

A lot has been going on in the computer lab, so I wanted to update you before the break. This post contains LOTS of video, as the students have been super busy coding, keyboarding, making movies, and creating games and animation. Of course, all classes participated in Hour of Code activities for CS Ed Week,  but at NNM, we take it up a notch.
— Janeen

Programming a Game in Hopscotch

Computer Science Education Week Prequel

CS Education Week 2017!

Programming Robots