Week 6 Update!

Sometimes, a 4th grader just needs to unleash that inner artist. Fortunately, the shapes palette in Pages provides lots of objects to color, resize, layer, and arrange. Whether they choose to make a birthday greeting for mom, write a story, or make a puzzle card, students have a lot of fun as they bring their ideas to reality! We will be focusing on Pages for a couple of weeks.

5th graders have been working on the Scavenger Hunt activity to develop research skills.  This will continue into next week.Some

6th graders are working to make a PSA using Google Drawings. Some others are doing digital citizenship activities focusing on cyberbullying and digital communication, but all 6th graders will have digital citizenship lessons.

Back to Work!

Now that grade 3 – 6 MAP assessments are completed, student technology lessons have resumed.

This week, 4th graders will be learning about the desktop, the dock and the menu bar, how to resize windows, and how to have 2 applications open at the same time. They practiced this by using Google Chrome and Pages to make a collage.

6th graders will have to work together to fill in a blank keyboard. I addition, students will discuss some important Habits of Mind. Some groups will be starting on Google Classroom. After learning how to join a class, they will be asked to change their profile picture, and to complete an assignment due by the next time we meet.

5th graders will be doing an internet scavenger hunt.