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June 1st
BrainPop   Run Marco
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May 11th

Learn about Seesaw

RoboGarden Hour of Code



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April 27th and May 4th


April 20th 

LInk to Dance PArty!!



March 23, April 6, April 13
Coding –  Concepts – Challenges – Games – Videos


  6- 9 Coding Book 1_1
  6-9 Coding Book 2_1
  Kodable Challenges 
  Fuzz Family Faceoff
  Fun activities here for all grade levels here!


Want to try something else?

Blockly teaches programming principles and introduces JavaScript using a block-based programming approach Studio series of courses that teach computer science fundamentals
Scratch programming language used to create stories, games, and animations
Tynker self-paced online programming course for kids
Code Combat online game that teaches Python and/or JavaScript coding using text-based programming
MIT APP Inventor  provides access to and tutorials for App Inventor, a visual programming language used to create Android apps
Thimble by Mozilla online code editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Codeacademy text-based courses on web development and related programming languages
CodeHS blends online, self-paced classes, quizzes to assess subject mastery
Khan Academy courses in JavaScript, ProcessingJS, HTML & CSS, HTML & JavaScript and SQL