Exploration in 12-14 Robotics

“Whether it’s a paper airplane or a robot that walks, kids have always wanted to create functional objects with their own two hands.”                                    ~Silvia Marinez

Co-author of Invent to Learn, Sylvia works in schools around the world to bring the power of authentic learning into classrooms, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) subjects. Sylvia advocates for student-centered, project-based learning, gender equity in technology, computer programming, and life-long learning.

Many educators have been inspired by her work, and have begun participating in what some call the maker movement, setting up environments rich with materials and offering students ample time for exploration. The movement is really inspiring and is truly bringing the spirit of innovation and creativity into classrooms all over the country.

At Near North, we have been nurturing that spirit for over 50 years!

I wanted to share a short video of today’s 12-14 Robotics class. You will get a glimpse of some self-directed students creating, building, experimenting and exploring using Lego NXT robotics materials.