Hour of Code at NNM 12.11.14


Hard to believe, but the last of our three Hour of Code events is already over. A total of 52, no, 56 Near North Montessori students and 30 adults, including parents, staff and caregivers, tried learning an hour of programming during Computer Science Education week. I hope you will continue coding with your children at home!   

 Remember you can find lots of links to programming activities at code.org/learn.                  code-131209

Here are some pictures from today’s Hour of Code event. Thank you to all of the awesome Near North Montessori parents who helped students solve their coding problems. The event would not have been a success without you.  ~Janeen

DSCF3164 DSCF3159
DSCF3163 DSCF3162
DSCF3161 DSCF3160
DSCF3158 DSCF3157