V, U, and Q Keys

1. v v vf via via; u u uj uj us us; q q qa qa aqua
2. v vf via ; u uj us; q qa aqua; Val likes to fix it.

3. us uses use just just; aqua aqua quit quit; via via
4. fvf juj aqa; via via via; us us us; aqua

5. Val ate five figs.  Jan is quiet.  I shall mix it.
6. James asked if he had to move the six rugs for us.


1. n nj nj and; r rf rf fir; Ask Don M. Frank for it.
2. an and hand; or for form; Jan Roan; Susan E. Allen

3. Joaquin asked if he had to move the six rugs  for them.
4. Tom Hale got it.  Henri IX Lake lost all the mail.

5. Quin sang five songs for us and then quit singing.
6. Val Quin likes the task of fixing old marine jugs.

7. Jake might fix a sextant ant give it to Louis Quar.
8. Jamie and Quin asked for five or six old jugs.


Strike Return/Enter Key after each group of words. Groups of words are separated by vertial lines. Do not key the veertical lines.

1. an and hand  |  or for form  |  Janna Roane  |  Susan E. Allen  |
2. via vial  |  van five  |  us dusk  | due rut;  |  qua aqua aqua  |

3. six fix hex  |  quid quad quit  |  aqua six fix  |  vet veal  |
4.gnu glue  |  guilt gulf guise  |  gum gust gurgle  |  guard  |

5. vial vile  |  queen quit  |  quiet quote  |  vest van VA  |
6. veneer velvet  |  quilt quite  |  vendor Venetian  |  vet gun  |

7. Velia has quit.  |  Van quoted gus.  |  Remain quiet.  |  No.  |
8. Five jugs are here.  |  Luisa and Quin fixed the van.  |