Z and ? Keys

1. z az za za za zoa zoa zone zone zest zest
2. a za zaz aza zoo zoom zeal zeal zest

3. ;? ;? ?; ? How?  When?  Where?  Do you?  May I go?
4. Did you bring any pens and pencils with you today?

5. Zela has a real zeal and zest for life that is amazing.
6. Did a car zoom by?  Is lemon zest used in the pie?


1. z z z za za zip zinc zone azure zeal zest zoom fez
2. ;?; ;? ?;??  Now?  When?  Up?  Down?  What?  When?

3. what is your ZIP code?  Which zone is shown there?
4. Should I mail the work to Zela Zion in Zula, Ohio?

5. Did Mary Fox send the letters by General Delivery?
6. Can Maria spell zips, zinc haze, quiz, and quart?

7. Is he going?  Did you take the quiz?  Is it right?
8. Hamp Cox will get five dozen quarts of bakery jam.


Press Return/Enter after each group of words. Groups are separated by vertical lines. Do not key the vertical lines.

1. see Zula Zambia |  scroll on down | write in the boxes |
2. zest zoom zeal | zone zoo zero | zip zinc Zion zombie |

3. a dish with zing | no zinc oxide| Zurich Switzerland |
4. Dis he study zoology? | Was Mr. Ryan the zookeeper? |

5. May I see your copy? | Where are the zoo brochures? |
6. roll around | send to Mrs. West | find the right answer |

7. mop Jill Polly | nip you; | in on up hi | hill kiln mom |
8. fast tear saw | tax gate vest | zest sex dad | car Zeda |