Little Bots Week 2

Ozobots are miniature robots, just about the smallest of their kind, but there are a lot of things Ozobots can do.

Today, students discovered that their bots had light sensors so can follow a black line and respond to color sequences. For instance, when Ozobot sees the sequence blue/red/blue, Ozobot knows to make a U-turn.

I wanted the children to engage in discovery, so asked them draw black line maps, then add bits of green, red and blue sections in different sequences to discover how Ozobot responds.  The students had a lot of fun experimenting, then were challenged to draw a map so Ozobot would deliver a package across a river to the post-office.

In addition, we were delighted to welcome NNM parent Miiri Kotche and UIC bioengineer, who visited the class today and gave the students a demonstration of a prosthetic hand that she designed and printed at home on a 3D printer!