Remote Afterschool Week of May 11, 2020

What a great week! We have enjoyed some really engaging online sessions together, and I even got a chance to help the kids a bit with navigating Seesaw. You probably know already that I have Seesaw Afterschool class for the students who I am seeing regularly this session. Class pages have all been updated.

Crack the Code – RoboGarden Hour of Code 
Tech Explorers MON – Advanced levels of KidBot
WeDo Robotics – Robots in Space, RoboGarden
3D Printing – Designing with Tinkercad Code Blocks
Animation Station – Tynker
Keyboarding – Typetastic, Typing Club
Tech Explorers FRI – Code Combat in Python, National Geographic  Robot Challenges (Student certificates shared through Seesaw)




Remote Afterschool Week of May 4, 2020

OK, it looks like I didn’t post last Friday. Luckily, I did update all of the class pages, so you can check there.

This week:
Crack the Code — Kodable’s Beach Clean-Up
Tech Explorers MON — Kid Bot
WeDo Robotics — Beach Clean-Up, advanced level
3D Printing — Tynker Dance Party

Animation Station — Coding Spirals
Keyboarding — using Seesaw
Tech Explorers FRI — Code Combat in Python!




Remote Afterschool Week of 4.20.20

Wow! Our online sessions have been so much fun. Students are really building their tech skills, and I love that we can have these online connections. Pages for each class have been updated with links.

A big THANK YOU for helping me make this work. Please reach out if you need anything.     ~ Janeen

Crack the Code MON – Coding a Dance Party
Tech Explorers MON – Fish Force
WeDo Robotics TUES – Weather Robots
3D Printing and Design TUES – Design a Snowflake
Animation Station THUR – Creating an Animation with Code
Keyboarding THUR – Typing Club, Typetastic
Tech Explorers FRI – Fish Force




Remote Afterschool Week of 4.13.20

Ok, It has been an absolutely incredible week, and I am so proud of how our students are connecting, and adapting to these strange times. Let me know if you need anything.

I am trying to keep to one post a week, so pages for each afterschool class have been updated with details, videos, links to activities, downloads, and the join link for the online meeting. Find them in the top menu.

  • Crack the Code MON – How Games are Made, Use Conditional Statements to modify your Asteroid Game
  • Tech Exploers MON – Compound Machines, Forces
  • WeDo Robotics  TUES – AI for Oceans, 10 Amazing Robotic Sea Creatures
  • 3D Printing and Design TUES – Design a Coat / Backpack Hook
  • Animation Station THURS – Art That Moves part 2, Drawing with Letters and Numbers, HOW TO upload your files to the Animation Gallery
  • Keyboarding THURS – Dance Mat Typing, Typing Club, Typetastic!
  • Tech Explorers FRI – Create Your Own Padlet