Remote Afterschool 4.08.20

WeDo Robotics

First, we read Helper Robots, and went over the vocabulary. Then, we re-watched our favorite BrainPoP movie. Next, we worked together to complete the National Geographic Interactive Robot Challenge.  Try it Yourself !!

Upload a screen shot of your robot using the UPLOAD FILE button on the WeDo Robotics page, and we can add it to our gallery!

3D Printing and Design

We watched a video about the 3D Printing process and another video that featured some amazing 3D Designs, but our lesson was on deigning a Robot Head Pencil Topper! Click here to see a 2 minutes video of the lesson.

Remote Afterschool MON 4.03

In Crack the Code, students were challenged to make a maze in Kodable’s Maze Maker. I connected my iPad, and tried out some of their mazes for all to see. We played a coding game online, with and with conditionals, and practiced responding to if …, then… statements. You can find the Maze Challenge video on the Crack the Code page.

We investigated simple machines during Tech Explorers. You can find the Simple Machines Rap video and a link to EdHeads Simple Machines game on the Tech Exploers MON page.

The link to join the Google Meet for these classes are at the top of each class page. Not everyone showed up today, but students can access the materials at any time. Please contact me if you need me to make adjustments, or if your child is having difficulty.

——    Janeen 

Remote Afterschool Update 4.03.20

I did continue to connect with some students on Thursday and Friday, and worked with them to learn how to meet online more efficiently. Keyboarders got started with Typetastic, Tech Explorers learned about Simple Machines, and Dante created his first online animation (below).

This is unchartered territory for all of us, but I am committed to partnering with you and your family to work through this crazy Distance Learning thing. I made a few changes that I hope will help.

  • Children should be encouraged to access everything through
  • Each afterschool class has its own page, including online meet-up link, video links, weekly activities, downloads, so children can revisit any activity on any page at any time
  • Younger children often need help entering URLs, figuring out how to open a new tab or managing to work with multiple windows. This might be something you and your child might practice.

Please contact me if you need anything, and here is Paintball

Remote Afterschool – 3.31.20

I was able to connect with some students on Monday and Tuesday during our regular class times, and I will also be available Thursday and Friday. Use your calendar invite. I have also started pages (in progress) for each of my afterschool classes, so information can be easily accessed using the top nav bar. Please let me know if you need help in any way.  ~ J

MON – Crack the Code

  • Sequences
  • Conditions
  • Play Fuzz Family Faceoff
  • Blockly Games

TUES – WeDo Robotics

Read Aloud – Helper Robots, Nancy Furstinger

Design a Robot


TUES – 3D Printing and Design

Tangram Design Challenge