NNM Animation Station – Summer 2016

I am so excited to be working with your children this week!! animationstation2016_1On day one, we talked a little about the different kinds of ANIMATION techniques like straight ahead STOP MOTION  and PIXILATION. The students explored our ZOETROPE, and then learned how to make FLIP BOOKS, which is a lot harder than you might think. Next, I introduced them to the HUE ANIMATION software, and showed them how to use the camera.  Today, we started with a video from Aardman studios, where creative director, Merlin Crossingham, tells us about his company, introduces stop motion and the character Morph. Quickly, the students got right to work on their projects.

Our first video features the students working and just a few student projects, a couple from yesterday, and some from today. Look for another post with video, later this week.  – Janeen