NNM Summer ’16 Bits & Bytes – Day 3

It is only Wednesday, but our student programmers are quite comfortable with each other, and have started to group up by themselves in a way that makes sense. I am sure you will love our video.

This morning was all about GAME DESIGN. The students all logged  in to Gamestar Mechanic Jr., which is part of pbskids.org. They did quite an impressive job of designing their own games, and some students made it as far as publishing their game.  I will send you their login infomation by the end of the week. Students also started to learn to how to program movable devices such as Ollie. In the afternoon, the  worked in Tynker, which uses blockly similar to Code.org, but thereo is a special section called Crash Course, that will help them write programs for Ollie and for our Sphero Sprk Balls,which  they will use tomorrow.