NNM Summer ’16 Bits & Bytes – Wrap Up

IMG_2907 (1)Day 4 is such a special day. By now, the students have so many options from which to choose. It is the time to let them decide how they will spend their day. Some are designing games, others doing programming puzzles,  designing characters for a story, even flying drones. The important thing is that they are creating content and making decisions. Hopefully, today’s video will give you a glimpse of the incredible collaboration, communication, cooperation and problem solving that I have the priviledge to witness first hand in our computer lab. It has been an absolute peasure working with your children this week!!

  • Offline activities – human robot, graph paper programming, algorithms, conditionals
  • History – Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, ROBOCUP 2011 Finals, RoboCup Japan Open 2013
  • iPad Programmming apps – Kodable, Scratch Jr., Tynker, Hopscotch
  • Game Design – Gamestar Mechanic Jr.
  • Programmable Devices – Ozobot, Ollie, Sphero Sprk, Parrot Rolling Spider Drone