NNM Summer ’16 Bits & Bytes

Our first summer Bits & Bytes class was a whopper, and I am sure you will enjoy our short video. The students did quite a few activities all together today, but since this is 6-12 group, the week will unfold according to interests and interactions. 

IMG_2827Today’s offline activities included Human Robot, where the students tried to get our robot (Ben S.) out the door without hitting any obstacles by giving him commands, and Graph Paper Programming, where students get a chance to act as a programmer writing code, or act as a computer interpreting the code. We also watched a short biography of Ada Lovelace, and found out about the first actual computer bug found by Grace Hopper.

Younger students starting sequencing activities using Kodable on iPads.


Older students worked on the Hopscotch Geometry Dash challenge.


In the afternoon, the students did a challenge in Scratch Jr. : Can I Make My Car Drive Across the City?



  1. Sequence: Also known as the order of events, commands that are executed by a computer exactly as they are written. The sequence must be in the correct order for the program to run properly.
  2. Command: A specific instruction given to a computer in written code from a programmer.
  3. Code: The language written by humans to communicate with computers to complete a process; programming language that gives instructions to a computer.
  4. Computer: A device for storing and processing information, responds to instructions in programming language that is written by humans.
  5. Program: A sequence of instructions written in a code that a computer can interpret and execute.
  6. Programmer: A person who writes code and communicates instructions to a computer.
  7. Algorithm: A sequence of logical instructions or steps needed to finish a task. Can be performed with or without a computer.
  8. Bugs: Errors, or mistakes, in the syntax of a programming language.
  9. Debugging: The process of finding and fixing errors (bugs) in the syntax so the computer program will run properly.