Remote Afterschool Update 4.03.20

I did continue to connect with some students on Thursday and Friday, and worked with them to learn how to meet online more efficiently. Keyboarders got started with Typetastic, Tech Explorers learned about Simple Machines, and Dante created his first online animation (below).

This is unchartered territory for all of us, but I am committed to partnering with you and your family to work through this crazy Distance Learning thing. I made a few changes that I hope will help.

  • Children should be encouraged to access everything through
  • Each afterschool class has its own page, including online meet-up link, video links, weekly activities, downloads, so children can revisit any activity on any page at any time
  • Younger children often need help entering URLs, figuring out how to open a new tab or managing to work with multiple windows. This might be something you and your child might practice.

Please contact me if you need anything, and here is Paintball