Week 10!!

I guess I forgot to post, so it’s a good thing that I keep a journal. During week 7, 4th graders worked creating their own bookmarks. Others discovered Ozobots. 5th graders started¬†coding using Tynker on iPads.¬†

The 6th grade Public Service Announcement project turned out nicely. Students learned a lot about using Google Drawings. I decided not to hang them in hall, but you can look at them here.

Digital Citizenship lessons started week 8. The 6th graders focused on cyberbullying. Many 4th graders had to redo their bookmarks, do to an unfortunate laminating disaster. It was so wonderful to see how they embraced the task the second time around.

4th graders were introduced to MicroWorlds in week 9, as well as Scratch Jr. 5 graders did an online scavenger hunt.

So here we are, week 10. 6th graders completed a Google classroom online research assignment, and 4th graders started keyboarding with Mavis Beacon.