Week 11 in the Lab

This is the last full week of Afterschool Session I activities! Soon, we will be moving into our new Creative Technology Workshop on the 2nd floor, above the Community Room. It has been my pleasure to have worked alongside your children this session. Thank you.

In our video, you will see Jonah programming with blocks in Tynker. The focus is sequencing and looping, but choosing the appropriate command requires reading. Our Monday coders then give a little feedback on Crack the Code. Please note that when the students use the phrase “on the screen”, they mean connecting to our wall mounted HD screen via Airplay in order to show their work to others. Next, you can see just a few of the personal artifacts made in 3D Printing and Design. On Ribbon-Cutting Day, some students from Sonja’s class got a sneak peak at our new space while we tested out the WiFi, so I snapped a couple of pics for you. Our last glimpse into this incredible Afterschool session is an amazing project called Thor, independently produced by Owen in Animation Station.