Week 9 in the Lab!!

I cannot believe that we are this far into the school year. So much excellent work is getting done in the Tech Lab here at NNM, so I tried to catch a glimpse of each day this week.

Monday – Tejas working on coding with an Ozobot and Jonah’s very first interactive story programmed using CodeSpark

Tuesday – Sophia and Keeva making a video of their WeDo 1.0 robot, then Aria and Evan racing their WeDo 2.0 robots

Wednesday – Incredible artwork programmed by students in 9-12 using Tynker

Thursday – 7th grade CS robotics students woring with Cue robots

Friday – Sophie working on a 3D design in Tinkercad. Kalia and Walker working with Cubelets, and Reyna learning how to drive a Dash robot